Pursuit OF Happiness

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Expression, Passion, Excitement, and the ability to have some type of will of wanting to be successful is something we all dedicate our lives to, or at least it’s what we want to believe. If we don’t achieve our true dreams, does that make us a failure? If we aren’t rich, wealthy or if we’re barely able to make enough money to feed our families, does that mean we failed as people.

I see people get so caught up in this image of what it means to be happy and what it means to be successful, that we some times put aside the important things in life. I’m not saying it’s wrong to want to work hard so we maybe able to provide for our families, but isn’t it also important to spend time with our families and show how important they are to us. I find myself working hard to create new blogs, work on different donation sites and preparing for my first novel that sometimes I don’t realize how much time has actually came to past and though I enjoy what I do.

There’s so much that can be learn just by exchanging small stories with our friends and family. I encourage whatever it maybe that you’re doing; whether you’re like me on the road to your career path or you already found it. Take the extra time to always spend it with your family. Show how much you love and adore them because, you never know when will be your last chance to tell a person how you truly feel.


My name is Henry. Henry Pinto to be exact. I don’t have a drug issue, and I’m not an alcoholic. I have a problem or more like a decease I can’t escape from. I guess before I can tell you my problem, I should tell you my blessings. You see from the house that I live in. The moon seems so big. The stars that surround its beauty makes the night seem so full. I live in a place where people patiently await for excitement to strike while, taking their time getting to their destination.

Glorified in the Lord’s name because of all that he has done for me I take my time to praise him, but when all goes wrong I point the blame at him. I point the blame to anyone and everyone except me. I guess I never thought I had any faults. Can you blame me I’m the ceo of a 1.5 billion dollar company at least I use to be. Henry paused and looked at the podium before looking back up at the small group of people. few made no eye contact while others paid full attention. Then the instructor encourage Henry to continue. Henry restarted his story. Each morning I walk down the steps and go through the laundry room just so I can gaze at the success I accomplished. You see I love for the materialistic things.

I love my Ford truck and my Mustang GT. I love my house and I love everything in it. I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself because if I look lost in sorrow instead of bragging about my life everyone will judge me. See I have an ex wife that sued me for every dime, and due to my image being falsely criminalized I lost my career. You can rid your name out the court system and get the court to consider you not guilty, but those eyes still haunt me whenever I step outside. My ex won’t let me near her and I never seen my two daughters before. I sit here and question in my mind do I have the right to say their mine. I think not since I never put up a fight just to hug my 2 girls but, every dime I had I sent to them. I tend to my responsibilities and yet, if I speak up the whole world would judge me. I work 9-5 to pay for my kids. I work 6-2 just to pay my bills. I tried going back to school but even that was too expensive to do. I question every choice I made except my new wife that came in to my life.

The smile on her face is what gives me that push each and everyday. Though, after being married for five years, I start to question when will her love for me begin to fade away. I guess that’s why I chose to intrude on your group because fear has it where I have no one else to speak to. Maybe, if they knew the things I was going through then I would be able to resolve these issues but, still who am I to be a bother on other people’s life. Maybe I should commit suicide and that would make it easier to escape the pain I feel without having such weight on my shoulders and me not having to smile and say everything’s fine when really it isn’t. When I thought I reached rock bottom I felt an Angel touch my shoulders. My new wife had her arms wrapped around me so warm and so lightly. It felt like a mother who tend to her child to calm her crying baby. I felt a warm kiss press softly against my cheek.

After she pulled away I heard her say, “You are my reason to live and any struggle we face, we’ll get through together. Blessings come in all types of ways and though times seem rough now. You must remember and be thankful for all that you have and not stress over what you don’t have. If you are my king then I am your queen. If you are a soldier in arms then I shall be your gun. If you’re Adam I will be Eve.”Henry let out a smile as the group smiled back due to his quotation from his wife. My wife is my rock and every trouble I face. We’ll face together. With those words from my wife I knew I wasn’t the only one going through pain and I knew if I died she would die to. Depression is one of the hardest challenges for any person to escape from, but unless you speak and let others in.

You’ll l always feel alone and want to take the easy route. I beg you not to take the easy route but to face the pain the challenges life has to offer you. We all can share the glory so let’s take time to share the pain. You’re a champion, your life is your title, so fight for your glory.

Thank you for your time.